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Mastering is the final opportunity to perfect a recording. Using the very best valve and solid-state analogue compressors and equalisers, combined with the latest digital technology, we can fine tune your stereo mixes to create a professional-sounding, loud and vibrant master.

Using Sonic Studio "Pre-Master CD" or HOFA "DDP", we produce a DDP file (Disc Description Protocol), the standard specifically designed for CD production. This allows perfect error-free replication at the CD manufacturing plant and creates the best sounding CD's. We also have great experience creating the best sounding digital masters for on-line use, as well as specific vinyl masters.

Whether your project was recorded at Castlesound or elsewhere, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Although all of the studio equipment is available during mastering sessions, typically a combination of the following is used:

Mastering Hardware

› TC M6000 with MD4 multi-band dynamics and Massenburg EQ
› GML 8200 EQ
› Tube-Tech HLT 2A EQ
› Retro 2A3 EQ
› Manley "Variable-MU" compressor
› Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor

Mastering Software

› Sonic Studio Pre-Master CD
› Avid Pro Tools
› Extensive collection of AAX mastering plug-ins

Mastering Converter

› Burl B2 Bomber

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